What is an AMBO?

Like BMWs being called Bimmers and Chevrolets being called Chevys, AMBO has normally been an abbreviation for ambulance RV conversions.

But we would like to change that. We think AMBO should be an acronym for any box-shaped DIY RV conversion!

  • A is for Ambulance conversions. Types I, II, and III
  • M is for Military ambulances and other military based RV conversions.
  • B is for converted boxes. Moving trucks, step vans,  etc.
  • O is for other / obscure / overland (still boxy) DIY RVs.


Skoolies and Van Lifers have their communities. This one is exclusively for DIY boxes!


Got a brick-shaped RV, a DIY project, or looking for help? Join us!