Why join a forum instead of a Facebook group?

Let’s “face” it, Facebook seems to be a love/hate relationship for many of us.  You go there to find out information, ask a quesiton, or just share something. But instead you end up lost, angry, or distracted for hours. This is especially true if you want to be a part of a community around a certain subject or learn something specific.  Facebook can be best described as a massive room with everyone yelling.

If you agree with what’s below, please join us in building an amazing Ambo RV community:


  1. Big Distractions.  It is so difficult to focus with the barrage of useless and constant distractions meant to keep you addicted.
  2. Bad Search. Finding answers to specific questions is very, very difficult. Same questions asked over and over again.
  3. No Organization.  Facebook groups have no organization or structure what so ever. Impossible to find good information.
  4. Force feeding.  You don’t decide what you see. Facebook decides who, when, how much, and what!
  5. Constant Ads.  For stuff that creeps you out (how did they know?) or for frap you don’t want.
  6. Lack of control. Facebook groups are controlled 100% by Facebook and can be shut down for unknown reasons.
  7. You don’t matter.  When you post to a Facebook group, your content quickly disspears into a bottomless hole.
  8. No sharing of info.  You can not link to your content, or easily share it with others
  9. Poor SPAM control.  Spammers can (and do) get into the groups. Facebook reacts too slowly, if ever.
  10. No Privacy.  facebook already knows too much about you, your likes and dislikes. Stop feeding it!


  1. No distractions. You can focus on sharing and learning from like-minded community members.
  2. Powerful search. Searching is easy and results are relevant to OUR community.
  3. Organized.  Forums are devided into specific categories for easy browsing.
  4. Just AmboRVs. Only info on boxy DIY RV building and the AmboRV Life. No talk of sex, appearance, religion, politics, or sports.
  5. Relevant Ads. If/when ads are shown, they are for products and services that are relevant to our community.
  6. You control. You can post what you like, edit it and delete it if you wish.  We will only intervene when it breaks our guidelines.
  7. You DO matter. This is our community.  Your questions, suggestions, tips, and stories matter to the rest of us. Please share them.
  8. Your information.  We will not sell your info to anyone and you can delete your content if you’re not happy here.
  9. SPAM control.  We will do our best to kill off SPAMMERs as soon as possible and keep our forum software up to date.
  10. Data privacy. We’re here to discuss Ambo RVs and Ambo RV life. What you share here is up to you and Facebook will never know!